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SOLVED---POST request in a loop - data arrives in the backend as duplicate

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Hi experts,

Really need help to crack this nut. I've got a POST request in a loop, as you can see in the screenshot. The data is prepared correctly in the frontend but it seems to arrive at the backend as duplicated. Any idea why this line keeps creating the same entry?? I've tried pretty much everything I could find. Any help please?

Thank you so much!

SOLVED: oModel.create was giving this problem but oModel.createEntry and passing all the properties worked like a charm

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If you are observing duplicated data, then you would want to review the data that exists in object aContexts because you can't call create more than once for a single object.  It may also be worthwhile to review the use of two-way binding so the UI5 framework will take care of the request handling for you.

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