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Solution Manager upgrade to EhP1 SP23

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In order to upgrade solution manager from 7.0 to 7.1 looks like we need to upgrade it to EhP1 SP23 first and then to 7.1. Can anyone suggest the sequence of steps that needs to be followed. We tried upgrading it directly to 7.1 but upgrade script doesn't recognize the generic stack.xml which is a part of 7.1 SP13. Details of our solman:

SAP_BASIS 700 0016

SAP_ABA 700 0016

PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 0016

ST-PI 2008_1_700 0003

SAP_BW 700 0018

SAP_AP 700 0012

BBPCRM 500 0012

CPRXRPM 400 0013

DMIS 2011_1_700 0001

ST 400 0017

DMIS_CNT 2011_1_700 0001

ST-A/PI 01M_CRM570 0001

ST-ICO 150_700 0015

ST-SER 700_2008_1 0004

I regret for posting multiple entries but we are stuck. Either we need to install a fresh 7.1 version or got for 2-step upgrade.

Somehow point 1 as per note 1577909 doesnt work.



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Answers (2)

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Hello SJ,

Please check following SAP note:-

1171457 - IllFormattedSduManifest/SduFileException during deployment



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A 2-step upgrade is not required. You should definitely be able to upgrade in a single step from 7.0 sps17 to 7.1 sr1 using the generic stack.xml. That is a fully supported upgrade path. I think your best course is to go back to troubleshooting why you can't get that to work, as you were doing in your other message . I would continue your troubleshooting in that thread you have already started, rather than starting another, as you already have some possibly pertinent information involved and people trying to help.



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Thanks. Will do so!