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Solution Manager - Document access via Link and Word




Hello Members,

Though this might not be possible but i want to be absolute sure before suggesting business my response.

I have a situation:

BPD Logistics , I want to attach to Project Documentation Tab --> Done, by selecting upload a document and attached it to project documentation tab. (Simple). Business can open that document. business users who have no Access to Share point can access this easily

Some Business users has access to share point and want to access document from Solution Manager through web link pointed to share point -->> I insert document using weblink.

I have 2 rows with same document name one open as attached word document and one open as Link.

Any suggestion from you experts on how do I keep BPD Logistics single document, users without share point access can open downloaded document while share point authorized user can access through Link.


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Hi Kamal,

in the old SM 7.1 you have to decide which access you want to provide the Users - for the SAP KW (=Knowledeware house, documentstore) there are 2 "documents" attached - one per URL and one directly as DOC. You'll have double effort to maintain it - and the confusion will also be sure for the users. (makes in summary no sense)

My recommendation is to switch to SM 7.2 then, your question is quite easy answered: you can send per mail the URL to the document, the process layer, ... a.s.o.

You have further advantages like this:

It was hard to get away from the SM 7.1 - I know it -> you'll enjoy the better solution SM 7.2

Cheers Thomas.

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Awesome Thomas, thank you for your comments surely 7.2 will have greater advantages then 7.1.

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