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Solution Manager Content Activation old CHARM question

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Hi all,

I think I have a specific question about CHARM, and 7.2 upgrade. Could not find the answer online, incl. here:

We have been using Charm since solman 4.0/7.0

Then we upgraded to 7.0 EHP 1 - still using the same func.

Then we upgraded to 7.1 - still using the same func., did not migrate to the new charm, I don't know why the system allowed us.

We still use transactions like CRM_DNO_MONITOR, CRMD_ORDER,

аnd documents - SDCR, SDMJ and etc.

I am not sure that these can be migrated to the new 7.2 content !!!!

Could not find information.

My question is, isn't it better to close my only project, and create a new one after upgrading to 7.2, instead of considering Content Activation??

Because I am not sure, is it possible to migrate it at all !



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ilian

Those transactions still exist in SolMan 7.2 but if you click on "create" in SolMan 7.2 in CRMD_ORDER there will be no more business transaction to choose from to create. So I assume it can only be used to look up old documents.

So yes, you would be better off to close down that project, not do content activation for CHARM (pointless), upgrade to SolMan 7.2 and go for a new implementation of CHARM. You can perform most of the needed customizing/configuration on development already and transport it to production once production is upgraded, given you have a two tier SAP Solution Manager landscape.

Of course there might still be some actions to take such as ensuring basic configuration steps / managed system setup is done on production after the upgrade to SolMan 7.2 on production.

Best regards



Thanks for the answer, Tom. Just the information I needed!

Wish you all the best!


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