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Solution Manager BPR issues

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Since there is no specific Solution Manager forums yet i will post my question here:

We are working with Solution Manager 3.2 to support an implementation of MySAPERP 2004. Within the SM there is the functionality to use the Business Process Repository to create your business process and automatically get the IMG objects (configuration tab)and transactions when selecting a process.

Currently our BPR content is ICO 150 so the newest one currently available. But when we start the BPR we see processes for SRM,CRM,R/3 4.6c,R/3 4.7 and more. We see very little specifically for ECC 5.0

I was told that the current 150 content does not contain all processes for ECC 5.0 yet. I would like to get a confirmation of this and would like to know if the 160 content (release march i believe) will have all the content.

Secondly i am wondering if there is a way to limit what people see in the BPR. Our config team is very confused on which process to select since every process exists multiple times.

Thirdly i would like to know when there is no ECC 5.0 process available should you then just use the available 4.7 or 4.6 process.

Thank you very much for your help

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Hi Erik,

the release that is displayed in the F4 selection help is a start release information which means that an object that is valid from release 4.6C is also valid for all Enterprise and ECC releases. In the selection screen those objects are highlighted (bold letters) that fit to the releases of the logical components of the project landscape. So if you first maintain the project landscape in a way that it contains all logical components, the users will see the fitting objects in "bold".

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as this is an 'old' topic (from January), I am kindly asking you to tell me how did you solve the problem?

I am interested in BPR content as part of Solution Manager. We also see processes for SRM,CRM,R/3 4.6c,R/3 4.7 and more. We see very little specifically for ECC 5.0

I also would like to know if ICO 150 or 160 packages have the content or is there another way you solved the problem.

Thank you and best regards,