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Solution Manager 7.2, old ChArm documents/transactions

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Hello everybody,

According to Note 2339314, I have to use transaction CRMD_ORDER to access old transaction type, documents.

However I get the message:

It seems after upgrading to SolMan 7.2 old transaction types like SLFN SDMJ SDMI SDCR are deleted as definitions.

What can I do? How to recreate them, so I can open old documents?

We used to use CRM_DNO_MONITOR in the past, but it opens the web interface now, when you click on a document - and it is empty!

Best regards and thanks in advance


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Hi Ilan - CRMD_ORDER works fine in my 7.2 (sp8) system

Could you share the details on the question mark icon when you get the error using transaction CRMD_ORDER?

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Answers (2)

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SAP deletes all old SD* ChaRM transaction types as part of the SOLMAN_SETUP (Base configuration -> Configure Basic Funcion -> Activate piece lists -> transport request AI_CUSTOMIZING) without warning. There is actually no documentation about this.

You have to maintain (manually) the complete!!! original Customizing of these old SD* transaction types. (If you have an old SolMan 7.0/7.1 backup as template)

(Define Transaction Types / Action profile / Status Profile / Text Determination Procedure / Partner Determination Procedure / Date Profile / Assign Log Types to Transaction Types CRMV_SRQM_PRCLOG / Assign Implementation to Change Transaction Types TSOCM_PROXY_IMPL + all translations)

Afterwards you can use these old ChaRM transaction types with the transactions SM_CRM, CRM_DNO_MONITOR (with jump to the CRM WEB UI) and CRMD_ORDER (completely in SAP GUI), but please only in read only mode.

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And then in SPRO I have this:

SDCR is really missing , it seems.... why it was deleted during the upgrade, I don't know.....

I don't know its characteristics, to recreate it!