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soap adapter

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Hello Sir/Madam

Dear friends am a little confused withthe http and soap adapter communication. so please help me that where we use and give me a simple example to understand it clearly. Am new to XI.

Thank you

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Thank you friends

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Web Services are application functionalities supporting direct interaction by responding to service requests based on open Internet Standards.

Why Web Services are used.Because they are

- are modular, self-contained and self-describing

- act like a black-box that may require input and deliver a result

- work on top of any communication technology stack

- can be published, discovered and invoked based on open technology standards

- work in synchronous and asynchronous scenarios

- facilitate integration within an enterprise as well as cross enterprises.

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Many external systems can only communicate by using http when the http payload (plain http) is not in a SOAP envelope. So u use the plain http adapter to connect such systems to the Integration Server directly.

Some remote clients or Web services providers are only able to communicate by means of SOAP messages. You use the SOAP adapter to connect such systems to the Integration Server directly.A remote client or Web services provider is connected to the Integration Server by means of the SOAP adapter to exchange SOAP messages



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Webservice is something which is mounted on webserver which may send requests or accept requests.

XI is used as an middleware to either consume or provide the services of webservice. For that, it may require an adapter called SOAP which can be used in sender side or receiver side.

Moreover, You can send the payload with attachments or without attachments which is not possible in http adapter./

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I would suggest to go with HTTP adapter when compared with SOAP adapter because HTTP directly runs on Integration Engine. Whereas SOAP runs on adapter engine. So it will take more time when compared to HTTP. Also HTTP is good in performance to SOAP. Unless the business requirements needed you can go with HTTP when compared to SOAP.

Go thorugh this links for some additonal info:



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HTTP Adapter is used to communicate with HTTP SERVER.

SOAP Adapter is used to communicate with Remote Client or Webservice server using a generic soap standard.

u can search for soap standard....

go thru these threads... u can get an idea..

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