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Sneak preview: How do I uninstall MAXDB instance?

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Hello, I am having big problems installing the Sneak Preview.

I tried to install the complete package on my PC. However, the first installation of the portal failed. I assume because of memory problems. Now I have bought 2 gig of memory and installed the memory. Then I tried to continue installation, but this failed.

Then I tried to remove everything. Used SAPUNINST.EXE. That seemed to go okay, but now when I try to reinstall the J2EE + MAXDB, I get the message that an instance of the database still exists. I cannot remove, nor can I reinstall the MAXDB...

Is there any way to clean this mess up? Or do I have to consider formatting my PC?

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Hi Wdwin,

If you installed MaxDB DataBase Manager then open Database Manager and select the instance and right-click the mouse , the select connect option.

then select instance and select action tab and select offline option.

after the instance is offline then select instance tab and select drop option.

Now your instance will be deleted from the system