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SMQ1 - RFC destination does not exist

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Hi Folks,

After a system copy from production to QAS the connection between CRM and R/3 stuck.

The CRM team is running some test and the error in the SMQ1 is:

RFC destination does not exist

the process into SMQ1 is pointed to the production RFC.

I have already run the BDLS, created the QAS RFC and fixed SMQS queue.

Does anyone know what else I could do?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (4)

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After such client copies it is always better to delete the existing Sites in the transaction ( SMOEAC - Administration Console ) and recreate them with their subscriptions.

If any inconsistency is there it will be shown when you try to modify or delete the sites.

These are the 2 table which gets updated while you create New Site or modify existing ones SMOHSITEID and SMOF_ERPSH.

After the client copy these table are likely to be corrupted. Check for any inconsistency in this table.

In my case ECC quality site id (GUID) was replaced with Production Site id (GUID) In above tables   after the client copy from Production to quality.



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Please double click the RFC destination in SMQ1, it it exist, you will get the RFC destination screen, if not,

obvioursly,if you create it accordingly.

Best Regards,

Yong Luo

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Hi Marilia,

              Can you please check in SM59 for the RFC destination which is showing in SMQ1 and which is pointing to Production System , please delete that destination and create a new one pointing to QAS.

              Can you please post the screenshot of SMQ1 and SM59

Thanks and Regards,

Kunal Gahlot

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After the system copy from Production to QAS the RFC of Production system will be copied to QAS,

RFC for QAS will not exist

Have you taken the export of RFC of QAS before doing system copy as a pre steps

If yes , you can import those RFC into QAS

Make sure you have done all the Post steps

Also you need to run secstore for this to maintain the password of RFC

Thanks & regards