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smartforms and variable storage more than 255chars

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hi everyone,

I want to print a barcode with more than 255 characters in a smartform... while am storing the data more than 255 chars in a variable it is truncating upto 255 and not showing remaining data, I declared chars, string, edidc data element, xstring and internal table too but while printing again we need to send it to a single variable which is not displaying or considering more than 255 chars. I even referred this article too but i dint find solution....

can you suggest any other ways to store value more than 255 chars.

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kindly look at the bellow link, you will get the answer

You need to split it into more than one symbol. e.g.

Character Format BC


There is a problem if you enter it like this:


into a text node in transaction SMARTFORMS. The editor automatically breaks it into 3 separate barcodes.


The solution is to put the:


into a sapscript standard text(transaction SO10) and include it into the Smartform as a text type 'Include text'.