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Smartform text module in customizing request

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Can we can save Smartforms text module in customizing transport request ? If yes, how ?

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To transport a smartform what you need to do is to assign a smartform

to a development class. Then you can transport the development class.

The following are the general points we mustn't forget:

- Forms, text modules, Smart Styles, and programs must always be

assigned to a development class.

- When forms are transported, the function moduels generated are not

included in the transprot. They are automatically generated in the

target system when they are called for the first time.

- Include texts (SAPscript texts) are not automatically linked to

Workbench Organizer. You must add them to a development request either

manually using se09, or automatically using report RSTXTRAN.

- Graphics must also be added to a development request.

To assign a development class:

transaction smartforms

-> type the name of the form

-> "goto" menu

-> "object directory entry"

As of release 610 or higher,you can use UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD of Smart Forms.