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Smart chart - binding of oData to smart chart

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Hi Team,

I would like to know how to bind my oData to a smart chart. Helpful answer is appreciated

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Answers (3)

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Hi Konstantia,

Even i was aware of all these links. Iam facing difficulty in binding my oData to the smart chart.

From the below link, In place of Mock server, how do I use my own ECC gateway server and bind my oData instead of JSON file is what i was not knowing. In the init method, they have used mock server and especially line no: 20 where in i will have my oData instead of JSON file.

Traditional way of binding oData is what iam aware of it.

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Hello Sankar Narayana,

Regarding this please refer to the Demo Kit.

You can find information for OData V2 Model binding in the following link:

For OData V4 model find binding information:

More in concrete for SmartChart control you can find examples in the following link:

Check the API to ensure the proper use of the control:

You may also want to check the Walkthrough Tutorial for Data Binding to get started.

Best regards,


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Any one use Smartchart , please let me know the steps .

Please help out from the same .