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SLT to Central Finance - Delete data from AIF

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Hi Gurus

We are making use of SLT to transfer standard tables to Central Finance.

We are experiencing mapping issues issues when the data lands so we want to retest the Initial Loads with the same data.

As the data already exists in AIF is there away to delete this data so that we can mimic a clean run without risking any duplicate entries.

Many Thanks


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You can delete the AIF data firstly using transaction code /AIF/PERS_DEL_AUTH - Authorization View for Message Delete to set a user, namespace, interface and date the data can be deleted. Secondly run /AIF/PERS_DEL - transaction code for message deletion report to delete the messages. Only recommend this is done in a test environment, as the AIF messages are referenced in replication processes, e.g. serialization for predecessor documents, re-open items technically cleared in AIF etc.

If you are using the same mass transfer ID in SLT to replicate the data for a new initial load you may also need to reset the transfer status in SLT with program DMC_FM_RESTART_COPY_DELETE.

If running on version lower than 1709, I recommend to apply note 2548002 to delete ACDOCA data more efficiently with program RFINS_CFIN_DOCUMENTS_DELETE.



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Please confirm what all tables you loaded, AUFK, COBK and CFIN_ACCHD?

I am not sure if deleting data in AIF is possible by any means, but you can delete the loaded docs through standard reports. This will work fine in case you want to re-load the same docs again, and AIF will not cause any problems.

Infact, for AUFK, the same orders can be loaded again without deleting the old orders, it will not cause any issue.

For COBK and CFIN_ACCHD, please use the standard report RFINS_CFIN_CLEAR_INIT_LOAD, and FINS_DELETE_DOCUMENTS.