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SLT for source and target, both non-SAP

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hi SLT gurus,

We are analyzing the option to migrate data from on-premise db into on-cloud db using SLT. Both the source and target are non-SAP and this will be a one time migrations with virtually no transformation needs.

This seems technically feasible given that SLT is compatible with both db - notes below.

However, I will appreciate if the gurus can share their thoughts on feasibility and risks involved. Given that our Source db is on mainframe, we do not have too many options for replication tool.

I have read ample notes/blogs but all of them have HANA/SAP on either side of the equation.



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SLT has no restrictions for replication from DB to DB. Only things that you have to have enough premissions on both side to perform corresponding opertations (see the security docu). Sometimes it's a problem to get such authorizations in cloud db.