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SLT Configuration status turns Red

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For reasons unknown to us the Configuration status in LTRC or LTR turns red. Please note we are not talking about the load status of table. Loading works just fine.

When I deactivate and activate the config. again, it is green, but then at some point in time it becomes Red.

Despite that I can successfully load tables into the Oracle DB. All the application logs for the extraction/transfer for all tables look green.

It would be great if someone can provide some direction on what to investigate for the 'Configuration' Status.

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Answers (1)

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The red status just to help you notice that with the configuration something goes wrong.
It takes in account a several different parameters, as for example: is there're table with failed status or table that has temporary problems with load/replication, table that not processed a lot of time, latency ...
The status of configuration is set via health check. It works not very good in early versions, but already improved to the SP13.