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SLDCHECK is failing with SAPSLDAPI rfc not exists

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Hi Experts,

We are having ERP6.0 and trying to connect this system to solman.

In rz70 of ERP system , we put details of solman and it successfully updated the system information under technical system of solman.Also SLD_NUC and SLD_UC connections are working fine.

But, if we put sldcheck in ERP ,in the result it is expecting SAPSLDAPI rfc to be created.We tried creating the same, but not successful.

Wondering howcome SLD_NUC,SLD_UC is working ,but program id used for SAPSLDAPI is not working.

As ERP system is very old, SLDAPICUST also not having option to choose http and that is also expecting SAPSLDAPI.

Please make sure , how do i make sldcheck successful to connect to solman.Hope we need SLDCHECK to be successful to ensure the connection between ERP and Solman.(or still we can goahead with RZ70 setup only)

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Hi Dev

Make sure you created destination in Java Stack and you are able to ping successfully.