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SimpleForm fields in the wrong order on UI screen compared to XML

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Hi experts,

My organisation has just upgraded from SAPUI5 1.44 to 1.71.

The application I was working on that was previously fine, is now behaving strangely.

There is a SimpleForm control, and now some of the fields have switched their order, despite the XML not changing at all. This seems to happen on the last two lines. Does anyone know anything about this and how to fix it?


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Answers (2)

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What happens when you remove the empty label and text?

If that does not help, can you try using this form?

Not really a solution but more a workaround...

This may not actually be caused by the upgrade as a colleague thinks they spotted this behaviour before the upgrade. However it's still something I'd like to understand. I tried removing the empty Label and Text but this did not change the order.

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Hi matthew.kennedy2,

I hope you guys are not using UI5 Flexibility services.

If not, then check controller code and see if you are manipulating anything.



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Thanks for your reply. I am not using UI5 Flexibility, that is not in my manifest.

If there is controller code affecting the form, I still wouldn't expect one field to be placed above the other one. There is no provision for that in my code. It should always appear in the order the XML specifies, with gaps where a field was hidden, but not moved.