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SIA Missing after upgrade from 2012r2, no password for CMS DB



After in place upgrade to 2019 I'm getting the SIA missing issue. I tried to follow the steps from 2240788 - SIA missing after In-Place upgrade on old to newer Windows OS version where BI 4.x is inst...

The issue I have with that is, I don't know the password for the SQL anywhere ODBC DNS, the current SIA uses. The DSN uses the dba pw and no on in our company is aware of it. Neither is the company that installed Business Object.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can get past this please? 

Is there a way that i can create a SQL express instance on the 2012 server and than some how without knowing the password for the current SIA service DSN, re-create the sia service using DSN to the SQL instance and then after i've upgraded the server, i can follow the instructions on KB linked above?  

Alternatively, If i was to do an side by side upgrade using the same version Business Objects with PAM checked Ok, would i need to know the password of current SIA DB DSN? 

Thanks in advance. 


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