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shutdown command w/kill user queries option?

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A normal shutdown command waits for running users queries to finish. Although it doesn't say this on the reference page, apparently a normal shutdown also flushes free space accounting figures and object statistics (link)

I guess I could write my own, but it would be nice to have a shutdown with a "kill users queries option". I guess it would also be nice for the shutdown command to also shutdown SYB_BACKUP (the backup server) and the XP server (if running).

I don't see any existing suggestions about this in the SAP "Continous Influence" (aka suggestions) for SAP Databases page. Maybe I'll add one.

On linux and "kill -15" SIGTERM signal (aka interprocess action causing an interrupt) does cause ASE to do some level of shutdown processing. It generates messages like this in the errorlog after a kill -15:

00:0002:00000:00004:2019/03/19 16:45:07.95 kernel shutdownproc: shutting down server
00:0002:00000:00004:2019/03/19 16:45:07.95 kernel ueshutdown: exiting
00:0002:00000:00000:2019/03/19 16:45:07.95 kernel bucket manager consolidator terminating
00:0000:00000:00000:2019/03/19 16:45:07.95 kernel Main thread performing final shutdown.
00:0000:00000:00000:2019/03/19 16:45:07.95 kernel Blocking call queue shutdown.
00:0000:00000:00000:2019/03/19 16:45:12.96 kernel SySAM: Checked in license for 8 ASE_CORE (...snip...).

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Shutdown with nowait has always worked for me as a last resort. I do issue checkpoints before and verify the identity gaps afterward, but it has very rarely given me problems over the years.