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Should "Zero Suppression" have effect on filter values?

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Hi Experts,

I'm facing the problem, that, to my opinion, system provides too many filter values.

"Zero Suppression" is active, "Filter Value Selection" is set to "Only Posted Values...",

so I would expect that the amount of values suggested for filter is the same as the

amonunt of characteristics displayed in my report. BUT.... it's larger, also thoe values are provided,

that are suppressed because the key figures are zero in report. Is this a regular behaviour?

Display in Report

Profit KF1


6551 2000

5562 4000

5589 0 (suppressed)

5593 0 (suppressed)

Selectable Filter values for Profit Center








I.m not really sure, but i think in 3.5. both amounts were equal.

Currently we are on 700, SP21, GUI 720, PL3.

Thanks in advance for help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can check it by putting condition :-

KF is not Equal 0

Best Regards


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Result of furhrer researches:

"Zero suppression and consitons are processed

at the frontend and don't impact the backend."

Will open another threat to learn about the difference and the interface of both.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for repiles. Substituted zero suppreesion by conditions, but result was the same.

i also thought, that filters are not affected by zero suppreesion or conditions, becausethese

options just control display and not reading of database.

But I found a note, that confused me. a lille.

Quotation from nots 988523 - F4-Filter Q mode special behaviours: drilldown + conditions


This note describes certain special behaviours of the F4-Selection on a characteristic from the navigation block of the query when the "Filter Value Selection" is set to "Only Posted Values..." in RSD1. This setting is also called called Q-mode.

  • Case 1: When the characteristic is not in Drilldown.(i.e the characteristic is a Free characteristic)

When we filter on a characteristic before drilldown, OLAP will fetch a SUPERSET of the data to be returned. Since the chararcteristic is not in DRILLDOWN, OLAP takes the best GUESS of the probable values for the filter and delivers a SUPERSET.

Hence in such cases we could see, more values returned by the FILTER than the actual values one would expect.

However, once we drilldown, OLAP knows the exact values for which data is available in the report and hence would fetch the exact result set. This value is filled in the cache and subsequently filtering on the characteristic will always give CORRECT values immaterial if the characteristic is Drilldown or not.


Either I misundersttod it or there is a bug in NEx Analyzer.



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According to me it will not harm to the filters

If u use settings active (all values = 0) then only ROWS & COLUMNS with 0(ZERO ) will not appear

If u use settings active then only ROWS & COLUMNS Result with 0(ZERO ) then that ROWS & COLUMNS will not appear..

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I belive Suppression does not impact the Filter Values. It is just for display purpose.

May be you cna try creating the condition in your query where KF is greater than 0.