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setting key value in value help drop-down list

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Hi All,

Does anybody know if there is a way to set the current "key" value for a Value Drop Down List of a form?

IModifiableSimpleValueSet holds the "key" value and a "text" value. So for example if my drop down had these values

key text

R Red

G Green

B Blue

I can make "Red" be displayed on the form as the default value by using a statement like:


But if I retrieve the value with a statement like:


I get the value "Red" back instead of "R". If the user overrode the default and picked "Blue" from the drop down that statement would return "B". Is there a way to set the default "key" as well as the "text" value similar to the "put( key, text)" method that I used to populate the list in the first place?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tom,

I thnk this can be solved in the same lines used in this aticle using calculated attributes from valueset of dropdown

check EVS+ and EVS++ strategy used ,,i guess same can be impelmented here




Do offer pts;-)