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Setting accessibility to WDJ iView on the fly

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Hello Experts,

I need to dynamically transfer the 'sap-accessibility' parameter to a Web Dynpro Java iView.

I tried using Customer Exit in Application Integration but the parameter is not getting to the 'getParameter' method (I can manipulate other parameters like 'WebDynproApplication', 'System' etc).

It seems that it's not possible to override 'sap-' parameters (maybe it's being set in the WD page builder AFTER the Application Integration iView finished processing).

Another option is to use Application Integration 'Generic' component: in this scenario I can enter a plain url as URLTemplate and can add whatever url parameter I want (including 'sap-accessibility').
This probably would work but then I lose the parameters that are being set by the WD page builder (I don't know if it will break the app's functionality).

The parameters:

sap-epcm-guid = 4E93D24EBE27DF20133AF3D62D46401BE3CB9A1C04F482B7EAE6AA716B4C31AE
sap-rtl =
supportInitialNavNodesFilter = true
SerWinIdString = &
sap-explanation = null
sap-ep-version = 7.31.201304300221
NavigationTarget = navurl://077be24b189c6788fb60c1d726e393ed
sap-wd-pb-ownpcdid = pcd:portal_content/XXX/YYY/ZZZ/WebwidgetApp
NavMode = 0
sap-wd-renderMode = viewArea
ExecuteLocally = true
PagePath = pcd:portal_content/XXX/YYY/ZZZ/WebwidgetApp
DrillDownLevel = 1
sap-wd-finish-rendering = false
CurrentWindowId = WID1484555933206
sap-wd-app-namespace = zzzz
sap-wd-appwndid = ranF8wxO2HOtFfVLkNu7nA--U_uI6_SXelcVC5RDvHlaxA--/pcd:portal_content/XXX/YYY/ZZZ/WebwidgetApp/
sap-cssurl = http://<server>:<port>/
sap-ext-sid = ranF8wxO2HOtFfVLkNu7nA--U_uI6_SXelcVC5RDvHlaxA--/pcd:portal_content/XXX/YYY/ZZZ/WebwidgetApp/
sap-cssversion =
PrevNavTarget = navurl://7689b8cfdefde4d4fe47baa92087c45c
sap-ls-useAnimation = X = false
sap-locale = en_US
sap-wd-cltwndid = WID1484555933206
sap-accessibility =
sap-wd-tstamp = 1484555937621

Portal version is 7.31 SP7.

Can someone suggest a way to set sap-accessibility to a Web Dynpro Java iView?

I know that I can set the user's accessibility parameter to true in the UME but the solution must be session based and not user based.


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