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setAxisScaling only working on 1 axis

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The problem I'm running into appears that using INFOCHART.setAxisScaling only seems to work for a single axis at a time. I have an Info_chart where I am trying to set both axis based on some other values (lets not worry about that part now). My chart (CHRT_OUTLIERS) starts out looking something like the following with the default min/max for both axis as follows:

Clicking the 'update' button in the lower right runs the following script:

var xmin = 0;

var xmax = 1;

var ymin = 0;

var ymax = 1;

CHRT_OUTLIERS.setAxisScaling(ChartAxisScaling.Y_AXIS, ymin, ymax);

CHRT_OUTLIERS.setAxisScaling(ChartAxisScaling.X_AXIS, xmin, xmax);

Pretty simple.

*Also, it is worth noting I have the 'Axis Scaling' property for both X and Y axis set to <UNchecked>. Both Min/Max values are set to <blank>.

After running the above script, my chart refreshes and looks like this:

It would appear as though only my SECOND "setAxisScaling" method works. That is, my first gets reset, or overwritten, then the second runs. I switched the setAxisScaling X and Y lines, and it is always the 2nd that takes effect.

The help guide doesn't provide much insight ("Sets a minimum and maximum value for an axis.").

Is this by design?

Is there a work around?

Where do the default 0-7000 numbers come from?

When I set my Axis Scaling to enabled in the chart's properties, my defaults become 0-300,000,000,000. Why?

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Looks like there was an issue with this in SP2; please see - have you tried it with SP3?

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Hrm - It looks like I don't have access.

I'm not sure what SP we might be on - we're currently on release 1.6 - v16.0.5

I'll check with our superuser.

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You are on the base product without SP's.