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Set up WebIDE or Eclipse with on-premise Odata service and to modify existing Application.

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Hi Everyone,

I am having a very serious problem to set up Eclipse with on premise Odata service and to develop an existing program extracted from SAPGUI directly. The App was build initially from Eclipse and doesn't have any index.html, manifest.json or any test file to run it now on Eclipse. All configuration is in component.js, and dump is extracted from SAPGUI. I tried to have all this resolve from SAP WebIDE but connection didn't happen. (Due to connectivity problem with on-premise odata service and lack of index.html file). If it can happen with WebIDE then that solution i will follow on priority. Right now i am left with Eclipse and already installed all SAPUI5 tools plugin. But still facing many errors to make all connection work. Can anyone please help me over this, it is very urgent.

Thanks in advance

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