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Servicepack on Portal and NWDS

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Hey people

I have some questions about servicepacks and compatibility.

1) How can i find out wich servicepack my portal runs on?

its a SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 NW04

2) Can a project deployed in NWDS sp 9 be imported in NWDS sp 11?

3) Does the servicepack of the ACF have to be on the same level as NWDS or portal or both?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to http://<host name>:50000/

go to system information and you can see the current patch level

Since you are importing a project from a lower patch level to a higher one there shouldnt be any problem

Hope this helps you



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Thanx for your anwere.

On the one portal it says 6.40 PatchLevel 87289.311. I guess that makes it SP 11. But here i use NWDS sp 9, and it works fine together.

On the other portal it says 6.40 PatchLevel 95420.313, so wich SP of NWDS should i use to get this to work together?

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Pls check for the value of the SP level provided under software components. The one you are checking for is patch level.

Please check Service pack level.



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Thanx man!

It says SP13. Lucky me i tried out NWDS sp 13 now, and it works fine. Thanx again.

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