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Sending e-invoice to Romania Anaf returns error CIF is not configured in Partner Directory.

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Hi All,

I am trying to send VAT for intra-community deliveries and I have Not Acknowledged by Tax Auth. error,

when I trace payload in soamanager CO_EDO_RO_E_DOCUMENT_RO.

I see error ---ERROR_MESSAGE CIF is not configured in Partner Directory.

When I check this on ANAF rest,I see following warning:

A: global validations warning rule: BR-07: The buyer's CIF was not identified. If the buyer is from outside Romania (does not have a CUI or NIF), fill in the EXTERN=YES parameter when uploading the file.

End corresponding error E: validari globale eroare regula: BR-09: Nu a fost identificat cif-ul vanzatorului,(

E: global validations error rule: BR-09: The CIF of the seller was not identified)

Up to mine understanding there should be additional parameter in REST service EXTERN=YES, which should be set whenever the Customer is not register for VAT.

I can not find the how to set up this in Romanian Customizing? Any idea how should it be done? Is it implemented ?

Thank you in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Daniel,

You're correct about the requirement for an external parameter "EXTERN=YES" in the service for foreign customers. Currently, this functionality isn't supported. However, it's already in our backlog and will be included as a standard feature in our future releases. We're still finalizing the dates for implementation.

Best regards,

Mahesh Varma

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Some investigations, this message appears in several cases:

1. External customer EU and not EU

2. No VAT customer

For the first there currently not solution you have to suppress document to appear in e-document .EDOC_ADAPTOR->IF_EDOC_ADAPTOR~IS_RELEVANT.

For the second you have to be sure that the customer ID is real CIF/NIF ( Provided by Romanian Tax authority) probably some service for validation should be implemented.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Daniel,

you may find helpful information here:

Email for access.