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Sending Acknowledgement message to web service call with IDOC on other end

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Hi Expert,

I have a web service call coming from a .Net based system into PO.PO needs to pass on the message to SAP EWM as an IDOC.

The .Net based system needs an acknowledgement from PO that the web service call was received. It does not to know if there is any failure in PO or between PO and SAP or in SAP.

Options I have thought/prototypes and problems we foresee are:

  1. 1.       I make the Web service call a Synchronous call and thereby I can easily give the response from PO. However, as I have  IDOC on other side which is asynchronous, I need to build a synchronous-asynchronous bridge using ccBPM.However  ccBPM will not be available when the client moves to single stack.
  2. 2.       I use BPM to wait for passing of IDOC onto SAP and then send a web service message back to .Net based System. This will need new interface development to receive the acknowledgement from SAP and then pass it onto .net system as web service call and do BPM configuration. Also, I understand that BPM will lead to performance issue in this interface.
  3. 3.       Instead of IDOC,I convert it into proxy call and hence make both side synchronous. This needs development at SAP end for creating IDOC out of a  proxy call. This seems to us as the feasible option.

I need advice on any other option out there and also please share your thoughts on the above three options.

This is PO dual stack installation.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello ANirudh ,

Check the below blog : Scenario 2:

SAP can send ALEAUD Idoc acknowledgements.


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Thanks Gaurav.


The guide seems to suggest that there is no BPM involved in that approach. That is
very helpful to know.
It should work in our scenario.

However, this document is old( pertains to  SAP NetWeaver 2004s).

Are there any other innovation which I can make use of?

I just want to check out any other better option out there. If not then I would try the link.



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Hello Anirudh ,

If you search on SCN you will find more latest blogs around ALEAUD acks. The option is still supported in latest versions also.

Hope this helps!!!


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