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Self Service with SAC based on S/4 Live Direct connection using CDS-Views

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we are currently in the process of setting up a self service environment with SAP Analytics Cloud based on a S/4HANA Direct Live connection.

We want to consume selected CDS-Views like C_FunctionalAreasQ2801 or C_MktDataFXRateQuery (All of them are released Analytical Queries).

However, while this works for views like C_MktDataFXRateQuery it does not work for views like C_FunctionalAreasQ2801 as it seems as if the user specific variables cannot be read from the backend.We receive following message: "Error [Server]: (#632) No value could be determined for variable !CDS_F_2CIFICHOFACC.; MsgClass: BRAIN;; OlapMsgClass: 1;
Correlation ID: 96710130-0111-4923-8570-268761682424"

We have the following questions based on our current implementation:

  1. How can we enable the consumption of Views which require variables? We assumed that the system is using them from the backend.
  2. How can we know if a CDS-View contains variables that need to be set? We cannot find this information in the view browser.
  3. How can we see which Role is required for the CDS-Views we aim to use?
  4. Is there a linkage between the Name of the CDS-View and the cubes name from embedded BW which is used when using a live connection to S/4HANA (e.g., for C_FunctionalAreasQ2801 it is 2CCFIFAQ2801)

Suggestions and help is highly appreciated

SAP Analytics Cloud SAP Analytics Cloud, connectivity

@SAPSupport  @N1kh1l (Nikhil I frequently read the solutions you provide and are a huge fan of your capabilities! Maybe you do have some good ideas here, Thank you very much for your community work)




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