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Selection dynamic Mapping Runtime Constant with a qualifier

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Hello all,

i want to access a Mapping Runtime Constant out of a message mapping specified with a qualifier.

In the Integration Directory i specified in the identifier tab the following Value Pairs:

Agency Scheme Name

- XIParty ABC

R3D_310 Partner 111

R3T_310 Partner 222

R3P_310 Partner 333

In the message mapping i want to have the Name for the agency "R3T_310".

I know i can access the Name with:

constant = (String) map.get(StreamTransformationConstants.SENDER_PARTY);

But i getting everytime the name "ABC", which i don't want.

At this point i need your help, to find out how i can dynamically get the correct one??

many thanks for your help


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Answers (2)

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Hi Ilka,

I don't think that you can access the header identifier fields at mapping runtime.

Maybe you can store the values redundantly in the value mapping table.



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You can also access other Mapping Runtime constants. For example, SENDER_PARTY_AGENCY.

If needed, you can also access SENDER_PARTY_SCHEME and SENDER_SERVICE.

The SAP Help link for all the Mapping Runtime constants accessible with StreamTransformationConstants is:

Hope this helps,