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Selecting windows printer in SAP, what scenarios support this feature

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I have heard (and remember seeing myself too, but don't know where) and is also referred in SDN threads (but not named the transaction) that some SAP transactions supports selecting a windows printer already when user defines print-options in SAP. I mean, if you choose a front-end printing type of device (like LOCL) you would get a separate field which enables you to select your windows printer.

I'd like to know what scenarios are actually supporting selecting windows printers.

Technology perspective:

  • does it need to be a Smartform implementation or applies also on SapScripts?

  • Transaction support? Only in some standard transactions? So far I checked Sales Order printing, Invoice printing, Delivery note printing and non of them gives the chance to select windows printer addition to SAP devices.

  • Is this supported only in new netweaver versions?

Please note that I am already aware of these facts:

  • With Front-End-printer type of device and access method 'G' a Windows popup is raised and user must select the desired windows printer. But this happens in Windows after the printing from SAP has already occurred. I have already tested this.

  • I have read this 'front-end-printing guide' already (including others that it refers)

  • read note 821519 (including other notes it refers)

  • I know there is a function module RSPO_LIST_FRONTEND_PRINTERS by which you get a list of your local windows printers

  • In function module OPEN_FORM (applies sapscripts), there is structure ITCPO having field RQPOSNAME, which you could populate having the windows printer. Similarly the Smarforms interface has structure SSFCOMPOP having field RQPOSNAME.

Problem is that I don't understand following: SAP standard transactions having popup for print-options, when do they actually allow to enter windows printer, while in all cases and systems I have seen the standard SAP print-option popup does not enable selecting local windows printers.

In general, using access method 'G' for the particular front-end-printing SAP device solves the issue, but I am facing the requirement the Windows printer selection should be possible already inside SAP before the actual printing e.g. when user enters print-option.

br: Kimmo

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Hi Kimmo,

First, thank you for this very well documented question, it's a pleasure to see your efforts to provide sufficient (and extra) information.

What I found : If an output device has "no printer selection at frontend" flag unchecked, and is assigned an F (not G!) access method, then you can enter the Windows printer name directly in the initial print dialog (whatever it's an ABAP list, SAPscript, Smart Form).

If an output device has "no printer selection at frontend" flag unchecked, whatever it is F or G access method, and the Windows printer has not be set explicitly (neither entered by SAP print dialog for F access method, nor programmatically via RQPOSNAME for SAPscript/Smart form), then after the spool data has been sent to the SAP GUI, this latter (SAPLPD/SAPsprint in fact) displays a Windows dialog to choose one amongst the local Windows printers. Note again that this Windows dialog comes after the optional SAP print dialog, and after the spool has been generated.


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Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately even when using Access Method 'G', the standard programs VA03 or VF03 or program RSNAST00 does not enable windows printer selection. It must be somehow built-in in those transactions even if they probably use a standard dialog for output determination. However elsewhere in SAP standard programs is might work. For example if access method 'G' is enabled for a SAP printer definition intended for local printing, then when printing ABAP list or ALV-list, then the windows printer selection field appear as expected in SAP print options dialog and the user's default printer at Windows is already displayed.

We decided to propose implementing a new cover program, that would enable selection of windows printer and additionally changing the actual print programs as well so that the necessary output parameter for windows printer is set when opening the SapScript or SmartForm. Printer selection at Windows level (after spool print is sent to SAPGUI) was considered not the desired method.

I close this thread now.

br: Kimmo