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Selecting Further Data in Table Views

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I have two Tables A & B.

Table A returns two rows of data i.e. Row 1 = 001 Monday and Row 2 = 002 Tuesday. When I select Row 1 = 001 Monday I want it to return the further data in Table B relating to 001 Monday.

Is there an expression I need to add in the Table A to bring the data forward in to Table B?

Example of the data as follows. so when i select entry 1 from table A, i want to display records 1 & 2 from table B. Both tables are returned from the same BAPI

Table A 001 Monday,

002 Tuesday,

003 Wednesday

Table B 001 item 1

001 item 2

002 item 100

003 item 200

003 item 400

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Monkey,

you can call the BAPI and fill table A, after selection you call the BAPI again and use a filter between the second BAPI call and the table B and filter for the selected value from table A.

Everytime you have a record selected the BAPI is called again for refreshing table B.

Best Regards,


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Thanks MS

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