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Select(Dropdown) control in mobile device

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Hi all,

I am developing a mobile web application with SAP UI5, i am using select control to display a dropdown. but in mobile devices when i click on dropdown it opens up a new dailog which is not desired, what would be the solution.Please find the screen shot to understand the issue.

Note: it should work like this(ss1.png) , but its working like this in mobile devices(ss2.png)

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Hi Charanraj

I am also facing the same issue. Were you able to solve this? Any suggestion?


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Answers (1)

Active Contributor

Hello, this is what Fiori Design Guidelines describes for Select behavior on mobile and SAPUI5 library follows it. Your app should stick to it too to keep the same experience across your apps and the standard ones (if you use them).

You have to implement by yourself (either by extending UI5 Select or from scratch) as a Custom Control (a brief tutorial available on UI5 Walkthrough) if you still want to go that way.

Best regards