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Seeking Solutions for SAP PO SOAP Interface with HTTP 1.1 and SOAP Fault Handling Challenges

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We're dealing with a technical issue and seeking assistance.

Our task involves configuring a SAP PO 7.5 interface to consume a third-party web service using the SOAP Adapter (Receiver). This interface synchronously connects SAP CRM <> SAP PO <> third-party.

The problem is that the third-party web service uses HTTP 1.1, while the SOAP Adapter only supports HTTP 1.0. We've explored using the HTTP_AEE Adapter, which supports HTTP 1.1, as a potential solution. This works well for "good" messages, but we're encountering challenges when dealing with "bad" messages.

Our requirement is to capture error messages returned by the third-party web service and pass them to SAP CRM. However, we're currently facing a "STATUS_CODE_NOT_OK- 500 Internal server error" in SAP PO without receiving a SOAP Fault from the third-party.

Do you know if there are plans for SAP to add HTTP 1.1 support to the SOAP Adapter? Similarly, is there any development in progress to enable SOAP Fault handling by the HTTP_AEE Adapter for HTTP 500 errors? If not, do you have any suggestions for achieving HTTP 1.1 support and receiving SOAP Faults?

Many Thanks,

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