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Seeburger Predefined Standard Graphical Mappings XI/PI mappings.

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Hi All,

As I am aware that Seeburger provides E2X and X2E Mapping through BIC Mapping Designer.

Does it also provides Predefined Standard Graphical Mappings for XI/PI for different versions like

--- 850 (Purchase Order to Idoc)

--- 810 (INVOIC to 810)

--- Dispatch Advice (856)

--- FunctionalAcknowledgements (997)

I do not have Seeburger with me currently. Can i get the xsd/xslt of the above mappings.

Please let me know for the same.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Rick,

> Does it also provides Predefined Standard Graphical Mappings for XI/PI for different versions

Yes you are correct. When you buy the seeburger adapter you will have all the xsds and the mappings which conversts from edi xml to xml and vice versa for all these transactions given by them. If you need to do any customization then you need to do on your own or else you can take the help of seeburger consulting or any consultant who is aware of making these changes. You need to do MM for all of these.

> I do not have Seeburger with me currently.

Without the seeburger or any other edi adapters you cannot do it on your own using xi. You need to have an adapter for this to do. I dont think we have the xsds for edi online anywhere. But you can see some help in this link:



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There are a number of ways to get the XSDs for the EDI standards, whether X12 or EDIFACT, but you have to pay for them. If you have Seeburger, you can get them. You can also use EDIFECS to generate XSD's, and many other metadata formats, for EDI transactions and messages.

EDI middleware such as Sterling Integrator comes with the standards in a database that you can include in maps and output in a variety of formats. And of course ANSI's (the American National Standards Institute) X12 committee sells the X12 standards in database format but you would need to do custom programming to be able to turn these into XSD's.

The cheapest and easiest solution would be to buy a license for EDIFECs.

And thank you for including a link to my blog posting with the mapping between IDocs and EDI. There are many other interesting postings out there. Check it out at:

There's also an open source project building EDIFACT adapters for PI. the project's home page is:

Good luck. ejh.

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Hi Rick.

Seeburger provides the mappings to convert EDI to XML and XML to EDI, but no provides the Message Mappings.

When you use Seeburger EDI convert EDI to XML in PI use this XML in the message mapping to another structure (IDOC,EDI,EDIFACT etc)

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As seeburger provides only the EDI-XML mapping, you need to get in touch with an EDI consultant who can develop the mapping spreadsheets between IDOC to EDI or whatsoever structure.

The same needs to be done using Graphical Mapping.

Also, check whether your company has still in support with seeburger as they might also come and do the mapping for you.

In our company they came and did the EDI mapping,.

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Hi Krish,

You mean to say that Seeburger people will do the

1. --- BIC mapping to convert the EDI document to XML EDI format like example for 850

2. --- and then do the Graphical Mapping in XI/PI ( 850 xml format to IDOC format)

Same case for reverse order like example 810.


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Hi Rickkk

Check note #1345582 Message Types supported by SEEBURGER.

SEEBURGER only delivers the EDI, the XML and the XSD message structures, but no mappings. The required mappings are to be created by customer using the 1:1 mappings and to be deployed afterwards. The message structures delivered by SEEBURGER rely on the EDIFIX / EDIFECS standard. Changes to these standards are regarded as customer specific, billable effort.