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SDM Password - do I need to know it?

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I need to have the SDM password to deploy my web dynpro code to my DEV Portal server.

Is there any other way of deploying the code without me having to know the password?

My BASIS team do not want to release the password.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Patrick,

For project efficiency, sdm password is needed for portal developer.

If portal developers don't know SDM password, the alternative procedure for deployment is that

1) Portal Developers install Netweaver Workplace(Portal Server) in local PC.

1) deploying and testing webdynpro in local server

2) After testing, export EAR file and upload it to sharing server folder

3) Notify BASIS people to upload EAR file at server side. (Basis didn't check the content of EAR file)

However, there are too many disadvantages for the above procedure:

1) Portal Developers have to keep SAP Workplace and NWDS running at the same time, 2.5GB-3GB will be used. NWDS becomes very slow because of memory problem (for 2GB PC).

2) It is a long path to deploy programs to portal server. The program changes can't be instantly presented to portal users.

3) The portal developer has to configure and maintain local server (Installation, post-installation, SLD, ADS, JCO configuration) and upload file, and contact BASIS. It increases portal developer and BASIS's workload and make project inefficient.

4) Since portal developer has no enough time to maintain local server(install SP, patch, configuration), local server is not stable. Once local server is down, portal developer can't test and debug programs.

Above all, I think SDM password is needed for Portal Developer.



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Hi Patrick,

You need SDM password to deploy otherwise u cant

Regards, Suresh KB

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Without a SDM password you can deploy the project to the server.