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SDCR SDMI after SolMan Upgrade 7.0->7.1

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Hi all,

I know this question have been asked, but I ask for more detailed explanation.

Before the upgrade our working sequence was:

SLFN->SDCR->SDHF - urgent correction

SLFN->SDCR->SDMI - Normal correction

After the upgrade

SLFN->SDCR->SDHF is not working, it reports "There is no active task list in the assigned project" in the SDHF doc.

How is it possible, the project is the same. Also in the transaction I cannot see anywhere the assigned project?

SLFN->SDCR->SDMI - does not create SDMI document , but SDMJ.

So I have 2 options (sticking to the old way without SM* trans. types)

1. Adopt SDMJ

2. Make SDCR produce SDMI document again

So Far:


     I put the status Profile of SDMI - SDMIHEAD in the SDMJ transaction type. Now it works, but when you reach the final step

     "Set Production Status" - the SDMJ document closes normally, BUT does not change the status of the preceding SDCR document

     which stays locked in status "Approved"

2. I have no idea where to tell the system to create SDMI document, instead of SDMJ, when you choose Normal Correction

I also have to fix the SDHF case.

Links I checked:

Please explain

Thanks in advance!

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Answers (1)

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I solved the problem 1.

for the normal correction - described the solution in