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Sd pricing - Link Fiori ZField to existing field in material master

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Hi All

Ive read a lot of posts about using custom fields and logic app but I cant find how to link two fields together.

I created Fiori custom field ZZI_AAA in Custom Fields and Logic for Sd pricing communication structures and Sales order item and Billing Item. The fiori field exists in the screens, structures, table and field catalogue - great. I was able to add it to a condition table and i can see it in Manage Prices - Sales - great. But its just an empty field with no odata, metadata or values and I want to link it to a field in MARA to drive item pricing.

I want to link Fiori field ZZI_AAA to MARA_ZXXX. MARA_ZXXX shows as pushed to Fiori in SCFD_EUI and known i fiori. How do I link them so Fiori or backend ZZI_AAA has the reference object MARA_ZXXX values?

NOTE: we have done lots of testing and read lots of blogs and we could not find a way to link the two fields to generate the F4 field. Instead we duplicated the code list as a custom field with custom logic using the app to fill the field when transacting. Its not ideal but it was the "safest" way to use a Zfield in the Fiori pricing apps.

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