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Save data manually from BO analysis for MS to BW Real Time InfoCube

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Hi experts,

We are trying to save data from BO analysis for MS into BW real time infoCube. In order to perform this task we followed the steps below:

1- We created a real time infoCube in BW system:


Product, Customer,  calendar year, calendar quarter, calendar month, Country, Region

Key figures:

Amount + currency unit , Quantity + quantity unit.

2-We loaded a set of data to the InfoCube.

3-We created an aggregation level countaining:


Product, Customer, calendar year, calendar month, Country

Key Figure:

Quantity + quantity unit

4-We created a filter on the aggregation level using the Country dimension = 'MA'

5-We created a query using Bex query designer with following customizing:


Product, Customer, Calendar year, calendar month.




In the planning tab for the query: Start Query in change mode

In the planning tab of the quantity Key Figure: Input Ready (Relevant for locking)

We want to save data from the Excel to the BW real time InfoCube using BO Analysis for MS. Unfortunatly, the "save data" button is desabled and the quantity cells are locked. See screen shot below:

BW System 740 SP08

BO Analysis1.4.0.2528

How can this be performed? Are we missing somthing?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Abdessamad,

when the cells are not entry enabled it can have 2 reasons:

1) someone locks the data

2) the query is not correctly defined

if 1) - there should be a message and alocking conflict shown in rsplse

if 2) - are you using country in your query?

are all char from the aggregation level either udes as single selection in filter of the query or used in columns or rows? did you use the unit or curency as char in the query? did you use the char = infoprovider in the query?

to check that it is not a BO error, I would first start the query in web and check, that the cells are entry enanbled. If it works in web, then start it in BO.



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Thank you so much Cornelia.


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