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SAPUI5 - Context transfer

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Hi guys,

I'm having a problem transferring 2 OData models to the same page. I'm not using spitapp. Let me explain

I have 3 pages.

In the first page I navigate from a list with :

handleListSelect : function (evt) {

var app = sap.ui.getCore().byId("App--app");

var context = evt.getParameter("listItem").getBindingContext();"App--orderView", context);


and when I get in the "Order" page, I do this:

onInit : function(evt) {

  // binding model synchronisation

  this.getView().addDelegate({ onBeforeShow: function(evt) {

   if (this.direction != "back") {;;

   } //endif

  } //endfunc onBeforeShow

  }); //endDelegate


On the Order page, I have the "Add product button" that takes me to the third page.

From that page, I navigate back to the Order page using something similar to the first navigation:

onAddPress : function (oEvt) {

  var aContexts = this.getView().byId("idMaterialsList").getSelectedContexts(true);

  var app = sap.ui.getCore().byId("App--app");"App--orderView", aContexts);


But when I get back to the Order page, from the Materials page 2 things happened:

1. The data from the first oModel gets overwritten by the new data from the new oModel

2. The selected from the Materials list doesn't show up in the Order items list:

    <List id      ="idMaterialsList"

      items     ="{/Materials}"

            selectionChange   ="onSelectionChange"

            mode     ="MultiSelect"

      includeItemInSelection ="true">

     <!-- <items> -->






       press="handleListItemPress"  >


        <ObjectAttribute text="{Description}" />



        <ObjectStatus text="3"/>



     <!-- </items>-->


Any idea how can I improve this ?

Thank you,

PS: Do you think I should add this question in the "UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 Developer Center" thread also ?

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Answers (1)

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Hi Marius,

Try to move the value of "this" to another variable "that" and use it in function onAddPress instead of "this".