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SAPscripts to Smartforms

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Hi Experts,

We had a requirement of developing a smartform for PO's instead of a sapscript. I have copied the standard sapscript layout Medruck to smartform and the corresponding print program SAPFM06P to ZSAPFM06P program.

In the print program i have removed all the code related to sapscript (like open_form, write_form etc..) and called the FM for smartforms paassing all the required data for printing. Now the printing of the PO is working fine.

The requirement now is to use the other mediums like Mail or Fax or EDI using the smartform.

These features are available in Standard SAP program using sapscript.

How can i achieve the same in the custom program for smartforms.

Thanks in advance....

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Answers (2)

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is your problem soved, i have the same requirement.

can you please tell me. hoe did u do that

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Erm, i do not really understand you.

You are relating to NAST-NACHA as i understand it.

Well i guess it is a matter of customizing. You can customize your output type schema in a way that the output type is just customized for PRINTER output (NAST-NACHA = 1).

If that is the case, you need a customizing entry for your NACHA as well or make the original customizing NACHA indepandant.

On the form itself is nothing to do to achieve what you want, and on the driver programm not as well.

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in the first page of smart form i.e. form attributes in that output format and give the html for email output or use other type from that.


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