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sapscript text Element Problem

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Hi i have this following form AP checks which is not printing one of the line which it used to. I made some changes on other windows but for some reason it stopped print the text line it used to.

Here is the part of the code in the main window that's not printing...

/E  513 
/*  ------------------ Payment on behalf of -------------------------------- 
AS  Payment is made on behalf of &REGUD-ABSTX&, 

/E  514 
/* ------------------ Signature ------------------------------------------- 

I need to print the line where it says "Payment is made on...."

Can any one tell me what are those /E 513 is?

They have all these numbers infront of a small paragraph.

I am guessing some program is calling the paragraphs by those numbers as the paragraph in the program doesn't appear they way it appears in the printout.

Please help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You recognize named text elements by the paragraph format /E. Such a paragraph may look like this:

The character string NAME represents the name of the text element. This name can be up to 30 characters long and may consist of letters, digits and/or special characters. The name is followed by the text lines of this text element. The end of a text element definition is marked by the beginning of the next text element (the next /E line).

Note that names of text elements are valid only locally. That is, different windows may contain text elements with the same names.

To output named text elements, you must use the interface function module WRITE_FORM, which is called in the print program.

The example below shows text elements for a column heading within an invoice (AS indicates the standard paragraph format and , , indicates the tab):

You can output named text elements only in the windows, in which they are defined. For this reason, you need in the interface function module WRITE_FORM, apart from the name of the text element, the name of the window in which the text element is defined. You call the interface function module from within the print program.



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Thanks for the answers. Is there any easy way to find out what my print program is? I was given the script name and was told to make changes on them...

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Go into the form's page windows.

Select a page window that contains a symbol, &REGUD-CHECT& for example.

Click on text elements button.

Select the symbol with double-click

Hit where used button...

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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What was the solution to your issue? I am experiencing the same issue.

We have multiple company codes. The parent company code (0010) will be the paying company code and the others will be the sending company codes. So we are trying to print "On behalf of" on top of each check of the sending company codes. We get it to print for 2 of them but this one particular one won't print it. Is there a checkbox somewhere that I need to activate? or some field I need populate?

any help will be appreciated.



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SAPscript calls the individual text components of a form text elements. To achieve good structuring and readability, you assign a fixed name to each text element in the form. The print program then uses these names to access the elements. This name applies also for translated versions of a text element, while the contents of the text elements depend on the language.

Search for CALL FUNCTION 'WRITE_FORM' element = 513 in your print program.

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