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In our high availablity server saposcol is running in DB server without any problem,

in APPlication server, if i execute ps -ef|grep saposcol it is not showing the process.

but in ST06 in the status tab it showing below message also saposcol -s command

2> saposcol -s


Collector Versions :

running : COLL 20.95 700 - AIX v11.65 5L-64 bit 090118

dialog : COLL 20.95 700 - AIX v11.65 5L-64 bit 090118

Shared Memory : attached

Number of records : 17640

Active Flag : active (01)

Operating System : AIX sapbwpapp 3 5 00CF4CEC4C00

Collector PID : 311504 (0004C0D0)

Collector : running

Start time coll. : Sat May 15 10:20:53 2010

Current Time : Tue May 25 13:07:54 2010

Last write access : Mon May 24 22:05:28 2010

Last Read Access : Tue May 25 13:07:29 2010

Collection Interval : 10 sec (next delay).

Collection Interval : 60 sec (last ).

Status : free

Collect Details : required

Refresh : required

Header Extention Structure

Number of x-header Records : 1

Number of Communication Records : 60

Number of free Com. Records : 60

Resulting offset to rec. : 61

Trace level : 2

Collector in IDLE - mode ? : YES

become idle after 300 sec without read access.

Length of Idle Interval : 60 sec

Length of norm.Interval : 10 sec

and tried to saposcol -k also with saposcol -d it is giving blow message.

saposcol -k

Setting Stop Flag :

13:08:09 25.05.2010 LOG: ==== Stop Flag was set by saposcol (kill_collector())


13:08:09 25.05.2010 LOG: ==== The collection process will stop as soon as pos



can't kill process 311504.

kill: No such process

ERROR:No reaction from collecting process 311504.

Please kill collecting process.

kindly help me to resolve the problem.


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Answers (1)

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What do you get when you try to stop/start it via st06 -> Operating system collector -> stop/start

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ST06 if click start and stop it is going to st06 main screen.


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This might be related to a shared memory segment that is not being cleared. Check the following link:

7. Question: How do I remove the shared memory key of saposcol?

Answer: Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the shared memory key of saposcol (see point 6).

Caution: Please be very careful! This procedure should be performed only after checking that saposcol is really not running (see point 4)

and only in cases when other options (see point 6) really do not work!

For this, execute command u201Cipcs -mau201D and note the line that contains saposcol key u201C4dbeu201D. You need the shared memory ID. After that, execute command

ipcrm -m ID

Now the command u201Csaposcol -su201D should show that saposcol is not running and that the shared memory is not attached. The shared memory key will be created automatically by the saposcol when the collector is next started: u201Csaposcol -lu201D.

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