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Hi guys,

Can anyone help me out with telling me which actions to be done to connect SAP via MacOS. We have downloaded the SAPGUI for Java, but in the logon application we do not know the correct string to fill in for the wright connection.

Cheers, John

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Thanks, all you gave the light that was needed.

We solved our problem by typing in the string:

conn=/H/<our ip adress of the server>/S/3210

3210 is the GUI port used.

THis all works fine and SAP via the Apple is running.

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hi john,

run file guilogon.

On SAPGUI for Java window, follow this step :

- click New

- Fill Description

- Connection type : R/3

- Choose Advance tab

- Give check (v) to Expert Connection

- Type :

For Load balancing server :

conn=/M/IP_Address_of_Message_Server/S/36xx ---> xx = port of system number

For Single server :

conn=/H/IP_Address_of_Apps_Server/S/32xx ---> xx = port of system number

For more further config, you visit my blog,


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Hello John,

doing a search for "java configuration" in [SAP GUI forum|; with date range "all" will show you many threads discussing the configuration of SAP GUI for Java .

The one which you might be interested in particular is [Configure SAP GUI for Java|;.

Also reading chapters 7 + 9 of the manual part of SAP GUI for Java should help.

When having ini files from SAP GUI for Windows, you should look into "sapmsg.ini", "saproute.ini" and "services" file.

Best regards


P.S. moved thread to SAP GUI forum since this is not really Mac specific