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SAPFTPA from SAP Application Servers - Permission denied

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Problem with SAPFTPA from SAP aplicationserver. ( release 700 )

For testing I use ABAP RSFTP006 with user, passw, host, RFC Destination SAPFTPA, and FTP command LS.

Error-message "Internal error in SAPFTP" comes up.

RFC destination SAPFTPA is created automatically, and when activating RFC trace, I can read in log that FTP user is logged in at FTP server, but error "Permission denied" comes up.

*******PART from log

[7068|] > USER SDJA

[7068|] FTP server : 331 Password required for SDJA.

[7068|] > *****

[7068|] FTP server : 230 User SDJA logged in.

[7068|] > TYPE I

[7068|] FTP server : 200 Type set to I.

[7068|] tmpfile \2

      • ERROR => [7068|] Open error: Permission denied [http://ftpmain.c 1709]

Tue Mar 17 09:36:03 2009

[7068|] FTP Stop

                  • End log

Check with RSFTP005 RFC destination's is ok.

QUESTION: Where is tmpfile \2 located - is it environmentvariable ( C:\Documents and Settings\SAPServiceSID\Local Settings\Temp ) or SAP-directory DIR_TEMP.

Permissions for SAPServiceSID seems to be okay ( user can manually create files )

SAPFTPA works on developmentsystem ( same patch/kernel level ).

Firewall is checked. It is possible to run FTP client from SAP server.

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SAP provide sample code to connect to FTP.

It provided in SAP function module, FTP_CONNECT (connect to FTP), FTP_COMMAND (send command by FTP), FTP_DISCONNECT (disconnect),FTP_R3_TO_SERVER (put file to FTP),FTP_SERVER_TO_R3 (get file from FTP).

Refer to the following link for more:

Please see if this is of some good to you.



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Hi Chen

Thank you for your reply.

I know the sampleprograms, and RSFTP006 which is mentioned above is a sample program as well.

This issue is not a programming issue, but more a basis issue.

The serviceuser has changed domain on OS, and some permissions was missing on OS level.