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SAP with .DotNetConnector(.Net)

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With version 1.0.3 i do face errors while trying to execute the code..

Error is:

"No overload for method 'Z_Sd_Customer_Adr' takes '3' arguments"

What am i doing wrong..any help would be apperciated..

The Sample code looks like this..

rivate void Searchbtn_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)



// Declare parameters here

SapConn proxy = new SapConn();




proxy.Connection = SAP.Connector.SAPLoginProvider.GetSAPConnection(this);

// Call methods here

//proxy.Rfc_Customer_Get("", Accnttxt.Text,ref zsD_CUST_ADDRESSTable1);

//proxy.Z_Sd_Customer_Adr("",Accnttxt.Text,Address_Id,ref DotNetConn.ZSD_CUST_ADDRESS);

proxy.Z_Sd_Customer_Adr(" ",Accnttxt.Text, ref zsD_CUST_ADDRESSTable1);

// Now update Data Bindings. On WinForms this will be automatic, on WebForms call the following line




catch(Exception ex)


// If SAPLoginProvider.GetSAPConnection(this) cannot get a connection, we might get an error. // Normally this can be ignored as it will automatically will force a relogon.


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Answers (1)

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The number of parameters you passed to the method Z_Sd_Customer_Adr is wrong. Please check if the generated proxy class SapConn contains a definition for this method with 3 parameters.


Guangwei Li