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SAP Webgui warnings or Error

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Dear All,

I have configure Webfromend - SAP gui for HTML, when i am enter address of particuler Web Application Server i am able to get login screen for server but in login screen i am getting two warnings, so i want to remove or resolve both warnings.

Warnings are

(1) SSO logon not possible; logon tickets not activated on the server

(2) No switch to HTTPS occurred, so it is not secure to send a password.

For above two warnings which settings or which parameters in Server, i have to do please do the help.

Second thing is that after entering user id password i am able to execute any SAP transactions but when i am logging off from system i am getting message like below

Logged Off Successfully

You have been logged off from SAP Web Application Server.

But what happen afterwards, if i am pressing refresh button or just select Web Application server address again it is entering without asking username and password. so how can we resolve this issue.

Waiting for your kind resoponse.

Thanks and Regards

K R Singh

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Karmesh,

i had the same issues. Even after checking "do not display warnings " i couldnt supress the first warning message. Anyways, you can try it out for yourself again.

As tobias explained because of the cookies, you will go back to the service without logging in again. The solution to this issue is given in <b>NOTE :713605</b> .



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Prasad,

I have go through the suggested note by you.

But from where i will get this location


becasue we are working on ECC 6.0, could you provide me the exact location for modification in this file.

Thanks and Regards

K R singh

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the re-logon due to a browser refresh is a feature We use a cookie which lives

during the lifetime of the browser. So what can you do?

Closing the browser windows will help, but might be uncomfortable to you.

Using another Exit-URL and deleting the cookie there may help.

I will think about it during the weekend.

Have a nice one


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Hello Karmesh

For the first question, just check the documentation you can find at:

You have to put a checkmark into 'Do Not Display Warnings'. Then the message should not appear anymore.

Regarding the problem with the "re-login", I guess it is more related to the usertimeout/timeout parameters.

Best regards,

Désirée Matas