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sap_wapi_workitem_complete is throwing message " Work item could not be found"

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Hi All,

I am working on Offline Approval. based on user decision(Approve/Reject) need to change order status and it is working perfectly in Dev System but in Test/Quality system it's not.

i was trying to execute workitem using sap_wapi_workitem_complete it is throwing error "Work item could not be found ". but same it is working in Dev system.

can anyone suggest me to fix my issue, please?



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Hi RB,

first thing that comes to my mind is since you doing 'offline approval', I assume that you must be using a SYSTEM user for 'offline approval'.

So cross-check if the SYSTEM user in Quality system has similar roles, profiles, authorizations as it has in Dev system.

secondly, check the workitem status, hope it is getting generated but still check the status of that workitem.

thirdly, check SO50 if the exit entry is maintained properly.

Strongly feel its the role, profile or authorization issue.

Hope it helps.

Aditya V