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SAP UI5 license

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We are using Sap UI5 and build in dist file.

And Deploy in tomcat apache server.

In the index file we put the url(sap liberary url) is there any problem with SAP UI5 license?

Or we should download the ui5 liberary on Server??

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

It depends on the SAP License you have. I assume with "In the index file we put the url(sap library url)" you are referring to the SAPUI5 CDN ( To use this SAPUI5 CDN you need a corresponding SAP Cloud license - see note 2943781.

However, if you do not have a corresponding license in place to use the SAPUI5 CDN, you are NOT allow to download the UI5 library from anywhere and install it on any non-SAP Server but you are only allow to use SAPUI5 as part of the installation of your licensed product. For further information see also the SAPUI5 FAQ (specifically "Where can I get SAPUI5").