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SAP UI theme Designer

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HI Expert,

I need your help with UI theme designing.

I am working with UI theme design from Portal ( Content Admin ---> Portal Display --> UI Theme Design )

Customizing a Ajax Framework Page according to my requirement.

1. Created a new theme with xxx name and able to build and see the changes.

Requirement : Bring the Welcome <FN> from Menu bar container to Masthead between Logo ( Left ) and Logout ( Right ) in Ajax Framework

Hit and Trail :

Changed sf3.css and ie6.css files from Content Admin --> Web resource Repository --> Theming --> Portal --> <Mytheme> Folder


After changing this , when i open the Theme Designer and change some parameters like Font , Colors, then if i BUILD and run the portal, my .css files are getting replaced with the older file and all my changes are lost.

Kindly help to attain my Requirement.


1. Why and how my .css files are getting changed ? How can modify to attain my requirement?

2. Is there any other way to get Welcome Message in Masthead rather than Menu bar container?



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