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SAP Sustainability Control Tower Connection with SAP Datasphere


Hi All,

I have recently started exploring the new SAP product Sustainability Control Tower and after seeing the architecture of SCT, I found that SCT have the capability to connect with SAP Datasphere (Source). Could anyone please let me know how I can connect SAP Datasphere with SCT?

If it is using APIs, then how we can consume API in SCT? or do we have direct connection capability between both? I am unable to find the proper documentation or blog for this.


Hi sarthak_187

For consuming data from SAP Datasphere, this is possible through the outbound API. Please find links to the blog and SAP Business Accelerator Hub on my LinkedIn post:

For integrating data from SAP Datasphere into SCT, we are in the final stages of releasing it. If you go to the Content Network in SAP Datasphere, you will find the data model content already. The button to import within SCT will be activated in an upcoming release with the documentation on how to configure the destination service in BTP. Please stay tuned.


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You need to configure the destination for the integration with SAP Datasphere in your SAP BTP subaccount that is subscribed to SAP Sustainability Control Tower.

Check this help page: Setting up the Destination | SAP Help Portal


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Any updates according this question? 🙂 I saw this is included in the next update but I cannot find the release date....